Red Hill



Unemployment Rate


Number of households in Red Hill

$4 a day

average income

Educational programs run at the Library throughout the day. Youth engage in computer lessons, and an after-school homework hour is run daily to help young students with their studies. The Library also hosts a story-time to entertain children and guests of all ages.

While engaging with the children of Red Hill you’ll get a rich snapshot of the pure joy that comes from learning and having a welcoming and supportive place to do it.

Our goal in Red Hill is to expand our impact in the community by providing computer training courses, buying more books and computers, and adding a second floor to provide more joy and learning to the Red Hill community.

South of Cape Town, past the Steenberg Mountains and Simon’s Town, is the community of Red Hill, whose 652 makeshift households are blessed with wonderful views, bright community spirit, and not much in the way of community services.

The Red Hill Library and Community Centre seeks to make a positive impact in a town with a single part-time clinic, 43% unemployment, and no school for its more than 2,000 school-age kids, who, if they attend school, have to take long bus rides to state schools in the vicinity.  

Accomplished in close partnership with the Red Hill Development Forum and the Red Hill Literacy Project, this bright new library is staffed with trained librarians, a computer centre, and a welcoming community meeting place.

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