It all began with one little boy, thirty years ago.

He was going from person to person in a Nairobi shopping centre with a note from his school headmaster. The note said that he was an orphan and needed to raise 700 shillings for a school uniform before he could come to class.

He had only collected 100 shillings.

The boy approached Micato’s Lorna Macleod. She read the note and handed him the 600 shillings—the equivalent of $15. Tears running down his face, the boy stood there for a moment, said “God bless you,” and dashed away.

At that moment Lorna realized that Micato Safaris was an ideal bridge between some of the poorest people on the planet, and some of the wealthiest, our travellers. So we gave that bridge a name: AmericaShare, and have been helping to change lives for the better ever since.