Q. Once I’ve sent in payment, how long will it take to receive my sponsorship package?

A. It will take up to 6 weeks to receive your sponsorship package.

Q. What is included in the $1,750 annual sponsorship fee?

A. Everything a child needs for that year’s schooling is included. Your sponsored child will receive admission to a reputable boarding school, as well as uniforms, books, school supplies, pillows, bed sheets, blankets, clothing, shoes and a trunk for storage. Plus, you’ll receive letters from your child at least three times a year, as well as regular updates from AmericaShare via newsletters and other communications.

Q. How long do sponsors usually support a child?

A. We encourage donors to sponsor a child throughout their primary and high school education. In some cases, sponsors become so connected to their child that they choose to continue their support through college or vocational school. We prefer to have a long-term commitment from the sponsor, as it provides the child with a more complete education and stable emotional support.

Q. Can a group sponsor a child?

A. Yes. Group sponsorships work like individual sponsorships, except that the letters will be addressed to the group (as a whole) versus an individual. For mailing purposes, one person must be designated as the primary contact.

Q. Do you assign a child to me or can I pick one?

A. Sponsors are matched with a child from our waiting list, which is prioritized by need.

Though we cannot guarantee to match you with a child of a certain gender, please let us know if you have a preference and we will try to accommodate.

Q. Can I communicate with my sponsored child?

A. Absolutely! We encourage sponsors to communicate with the children they support. Your letters and pictures give the students a unique glimpse into life in the U.S. and offer them a greater sense of belonging and hope. The children look forward to receiving such correspondence-it brightens their day. In addition to any letters you send them, you can expect to receive at least three letters from your child each year updating you on their progress in school.

Q. What can I send to my child?

A. We encourage you to write letters to the child and send them along with family photos(which they love), poems, drawings and musical cards. Due to baggage restrictions, we cannot accept anything larger than a flat envelope to send to the children. It is important that you not send cash directly to the children, as it may actually put them in danger. If you want to give them a gift for the holidays, please send a donation to AmericaShare and we will have our Nairobi staff purchase a gift voucher for them on your behalf. All correspondence should be sent to our New York office. We will ensure that it reaches your child in Kenya.

Q. Can I visit my sponsored child while I am in Nairobi?

A. Bearing in mind school examinations and other requirements, we will make every effort to accommodate such a request. If the visit can be arranged, a staff member will bring the child to your hotel where you can spend some quality time with each other and enjoy a nice lunch or beverage.

Q. Can sponsors (or a friend, if they happen to be visiting Nairobi) bring over gifts for the sponsored child?

A. Yes. Sponsors or friends can bring small, practical gifts for the child, and not gifts or toys that require further accessories (like batteries). Also please do not give lavish gifts as it would not be fair to the other children. We try to treat all the children in our sponsorship programme equally.

Q. Can I set up automatic renewal payments?

A. Yes, there is an option to do so on the online donation form, by selecting the annual frequency drop down. You can also call the office at 212-545-7125

Q. Can a sponsor bring their sponsored child from Kenya to the U.S. for a visit?

A. Unfortunately, this is not possible as it is extremely difficult for Kenyans to obtain visas to come to the States.

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