Micato Guests

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Micato Safari’s guests have a unique opportunity to visit Harambee Community Centre, and see firsthand the life changing work underway in Mukuru.

It is through the generosity of guests over the years that thousands of young children in Mukuru have been given the opportunity to learn and attend school. Micato has been working in Mukuru through AmericaShare for over 30 years and has thus garnered the respect and appreciation of the community. Driving through Mukuru guests are received with open arms and friendly cheers.


Depending on which East African safari they choose, safari guests can spend time at Harambee Community Centre during their time in Kenya. Driving through Mukuru, guests get a chance to witness what everyday life looks like for many Kenyans, and see firsthand how the community is improving itself against daunting odds.  Check out What We Do.

Visitors have the chance to tour the library and computer centre, meet our amazing staff, and meet some of the wonderful students that have benefited from our Sponsorship Programme . We often hear that a visit to Harambee Community Centre is a highlight of a guest’s trip to Africa.

After visiting Harambee Centre, many Micato guests immediately fall in love with the children, who joyously greet guests with huge smiles and welcoming waves. We’ve been asked countless times how travelers can help, and our School Sponsorship Programme is the answer.

If you have an interest in supporting any of our programmes, please see our donate page.

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If you would like to bring in-kind donations in your suitcases for AmericaShare, you are more than welcome to do so. Be mindful of your luggage restrictions. We advise the following donations: notebooks, pens, pencils, jump ropes, rain jackets, t-shirts and sports balls. Donations will be sorted appropriately and then distributed at a later date. The majority of these items can now be purchased in Kenya, so if you prefer to make a monetary donation for these items, you can do so here.

You’ll also get a chance to visit Huru International’s production workshops. In Kenya, 3 out of 4 girls miss 3 or more days of school a month because they do not have sanitary pads. Huru is a non-profit that makes and distributes reusable sanitary pads to help keep girls in school. Micato is a major donor of Huru, and their production workshop is located just behind Harambee Centre. Huru welcomes guests to see how their products are made.

To learn more about Huru, please visit www.HuruInternational.org.