Our Approach

AmericaShare seeks to provide disadvantaged children and women in Nairobi’s Mukuru slum with access to basic services and programmes.Located on the site of an old garbage dump, Mukuru is a group of villages that is home to over 500,000 people. Most of the residents work at nearby factories for about $2 a day, and live in metal or cardboard shacks because they are not permitted to build permanent structures. The slum is very overcrowded, and the lack of basic services and infrastructure-roads, sewer systems, playgrounds, schools, hospitals and clinics, etc.-make daily life in Mukuru tenuous struggle for hope and survival.AmericaShare has developed its programmes to address root problems and facilitate sustainable change in Mukuru. Our efforts fall into three distinct but interconnected categories:


Through our School Sponsorship Programme, orphaned and vulnerable children receive the gift of an education.

With the help of sponsors, AmericaShare places disadvantaged children in reputable boarding schools and provides them with everything a student needs. By supporting a boy or girl in this way, sponsors ensure that he or she receives a quality education in a nurturing environment. Some children even move on to vocational school and college.

Community Outreach

Through various initiatives, AmericaShare works to create a sense of community and shared purpose in Mukuru. We provide access to HIV/AIDS seminars, job and life skills training, recreational programmes, clean water and care for those with HIV/AIDS. With just these basic services, the health and well-being of Mukuru residents are enhanced-which helps to create a more unified and productive community.

Economic Empowerment

Giving people the means to provide for their families is an essential part of our work in Mukuru. AmericaShare works directly with several economic cooperatives that provide support for local businesses, including those making and selling beadwork and other items. We also work with a local microfinance organization to secure loans for small businesses.

Through our efforts in these areas, things are changing in Mukuru. The results are nothing short of miraculous-the complete transformation of lives.

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