Micato Guests

Micato guests are a huge part of the change that is taking place in Mukuru.

Depending on which East African safari they choose, safari guests can spend a few hours in Mukuru at the end of their time in Kenya. Guests will visit the Harambee Community Centre and have the opportunity to tour the facility, and meet the hardworking men and women who run our library, computer centre, and education programmes. They get a chance to witness what everyday life looks like for many Kenyans, and see firsthand how an impoverished community is improving itself against daunting odds. Many Micato travellers mark these few hours as the life-affirming highlight of their trip.

After participating in the programme, many Micato guests immediately fall in love with the children. We’ve been asked countless times how travellers can help further. Our School Sponsorship Programme is the answer.

If you have an interest in supporting these or any of our initiatives, find out how to donate.